5 digital sources for your daily dose goodnews (free)

What we learn growing up is that there is good and there is bad. And sometimes an in-between. some grayish. We define the difference between good and bad by ourselves.

But not only by ourselves but also by the people we grew up with, we surround ourselves with, we see everyday. And also by the media. 

The media is a pretty general word for what brings news, opinions, information to us, influencing us. And what draws more attention than shocking titles and news? right, bad news. A lot of bad, shocking news. Every day.

And this is the reason why we definately need more good. Let's start the day with coffee, breakfast and goodnews.

We can also use goodnews for the newest Klatsch & Tratsch at the office, fun facts for dates and even small talk from business to bus driver.

In the following we are listing the best sources for your daily dose of goodnews for you - enjoy:

1. goodnews.eu - a well-researched website which is launching 3 topics of goodnews a day + it comes with a downloadable App for us smartphone junkies

2. goodnewsnetwork.org - with interesting, short articles and diverse topics + a news app to get lost in positivity

3. Smile More - an app that has the only intention to make you smile 

4. YouTube - enter in key words what you need. You want to be motivated? Or need affirmations? Want to feel grateful? Youtube offers a wide range of positive talks, TED talks and motivating beautiful videos.

5. Take your phone into your hand. Put it in locked mode with the black screen and just put it away. Breathe and enjoy what surrounds you. From online to offline ;) 

And here is an idea on how to include some more good news into your mood: include it into your daily routine. You can either download one of the goodnews - apps and turn notifications on or you can start your day off with reading 3 goodnews after you read your daily actual news input.

Have a great day! <3 


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