5 reasons to establish a get-shit-done-day

It's Thursday.  Almost weekend and still really much to do. You have a hard time remembering what you did all the days before today and the same feelings towards your chores and to-do-lists?

The lamp you ordered some weeks ago (or was it last year) should already be hanging above your kitchen desk, your bathroom lock is still broken and your desk is as cluttered as your home screen on your laptop -  well. I feel you. Really.

We all tend to have these tasks jumping from one to-do-list to another. stickier than a sticky note.

And here is an idea on how to get rid of all these tasks: Your get-shit-done-day. Establishing one day of your week, every two weeks or every months on which you cross off all those nasty to-dos sticking around may help you declutter your inner chaos piling up exterior. A day that is fixed by yourself. Either you sit down and list  all the "shit" that day or you collect in an ongoing list each time you think of something. 

And here are the reasons for a get-shit-done-day:

1. Establishing such a day is not only to finally cross off that to-do-list but also to help you save time all the other days.

2. This may also increase your productivity on other things you might want to invest more time in. 

3. After getting your shit done you will feel really good. Amazing.

4. You will feel how you get back control of your life and how everything declutters.

5. and all of that leads to a smile. To happiness. Enjoy! Shasmimo!

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