5 reasons to smile on a Monday - SHASMIMONDAY

Hey you - hell, yes, you!

Congratulations, you made it to the first day of the week.

That means you survived your weekend - either working out like Hulk, chilling on the couch till almost-death or still dancing in Berghain. Also called the hell-yes-I-love-sharing-smile-movement-monday aka SHASMIMONDAY.

Not feeling the energy yet? We know what you need!

Partygirl with Smileshirt

Let's show you five more reasons to rock:

1. Fresh start into a new week. No matter how your weekend was get your energy out of it and transfer it into a power Monday. New day, new chapter!

2. Actually, Monday is like any other day. You could train yourself in feeling the same adrenaline party trains dancing through your veins as they are when hearing "friday". 

3. Storytime! We don't only ask for plans for the weekend. More interesting to know is what actually happened on the weekend. Get excited for a good shot of caffeine and stories of your coworkers and friends in the morning.

4. Mondays are the most - hated days. Almost a must to be soaked in grumpiness. How about standing out in the grumpy crowd? Shining with power and good mood, smiling instead of killing looks,  motivating others? Yeah, we know, the image feels good. Don't hide in your blackest hoodie but put on that nice shirt! You know, you want it!

5. There is the ultimate SHASMIMO - Monday morning playlist called "Hell yeah, Shasmimonday" on Spotify. Turn it up, dance, enjoy and smile! 


HELL YEAH it's Monday!

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