60 seconds - The ultimate way to smile and become happier

Vera F. Birkenbiehl keeps on living in short clips on Instagram, Youtube and Facebook. The Trainer and Lecturer was one of the first to recognize the importance and the chances of digitalism.

While referring about psychological and personality topics she established the 60-seconds-to-smile-rule. Birkenbiehl states that pulling your lazy lips up to a smile and keeping it 60 seconds, you will smile and feel it from deep within - no matter how shitty your day has been to the beginning of these 60 seconds. 

When you think that you are having a shitty day, it can be hard to turn your thoughts into happiness - I feel you. It is proven that 10 seconds of laughter helps to totally delete the bad mood you are bathing in. When there is no one who makes you laugh and matter how bad your mood is, try this technique. You need 50 seconds longer and in the first seconds you will feel awful, ridiculous. And to be honest, you will also look like that ;)

60 seconds - smile. Feel ridiculous and then feel the happiness coming back.

Enjoy and #SHASMIMO

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