A smile is a curve that sets everything straight

When was the last time you smiled? Today? And when was the last time you made someone smile? That somebody could be a random human passing your way or someone from your work,  family, a friend, a secret crush or even that old grumpy lady next door who never smiley but you tried hard and harder - and today: a small upwards curve formed by her lips. She smiled. 

Anyway, how did that make you feel? Awesome, right? A short release of the happy endorphins rushing through your body. And do you still smile?

Let's go a step further - is there anybody you would love to laugh with but something happened between you and this feeling of awkwardness kicks with every thought or sight? Well, that happens to all of us. 

Sometimes, we love being dickheads. We really love not to clear things out. And enjoy our discomfort. But that only lasts for a while. The feeling of discomfort will weigh more than ignorance. And as karma, such feelings always find their way back. 

Why not erasing these feels and straighten it out?  Think about if it's worth going on like that. And then imagine meeting this person. And smiling. Even make them smiling. Whats feels better?

Enjoy straighten things out and enjoy that smile - feeling. Share a smile with people who seem to have a hard time & have a great day! 

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