How can happiness become a movement?

When you enter the word "movement" into an online search engine you will find these definitions according to the google dictionary

a movement   /ˈmuːvm(ə)nt/  is:

-a group of people working together to advance their shared political, social, or artistic ideas.

-a campaign undertaken by a political, social, or artistic movement.

-an act of moving.

Concluding what we need to form a movement are people, working together, sharing their ideas and actually move. What an awesome base to start. What we all have in common: we are all able to smile. And we are all able to make someone else smile.

There we have the acts of moving to form a positive movement: the idea to smile more and to make others smile more, coming together and sharing our ideas on how to spread more smiles.

Additionally, this movement is open to anyone because we all do not care about races, colors, sexual preferences or your sense of humor. We care about you smiling from the inside to a wide smile ob your face and we care about spreading more of those. 

And you can join this movement by reconsidering how it feels to you when you are the reason someone smiles, is happy. Is it because you listened to them more deeply? Or did you offer help? Did you empower someone? Did you say comforting but honest things from your heart? Did you tell a joke? Or did you just cook the best lasagna in the world and the person just smiles while chewing?

No matter what: Go out onto the streets, cherish those moments of happiness. When you feel like it, mark happy places or letters or tips with the smile above. Let others know that you want to make more people smile and that you are working on it, pushing a deeply positive movement with positive thoughts, with respecting each other.

And even if there are really really bad days - look at the smile. Wear it on your shirt and at least one other person will smile at you. Promise! (ok not if you are living far in the outback without any humans around you - animals will most likely not smile back ;))

Join the smile movement. SHASMIMO. Share smile movement.

Could you please smile for me? Thank you! You are already part of it!

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