Hey! Pssssst: share YOUR smile with us ❤️


What makes you personally smile?

What are your reasons to laugh and have a good day? Is it a coffee in the morning?

Shasimo smile coffee mug with happy girl

sitting at the beach with some music on your headphones, a great long talk with your friends? your grandma making a delicious cake you love so much?

shasmimo friends talking and having fun

Or what is it that gets your dopamin flow? :)

let us know! And let us be part of your happiness!
One of the reasons why we want to publish your stories, is simply: it multiplies.

You can make others happy, just simply by telling them what you enjoy.. our human emphatic brainwaves are so great, that we can boost ourself and everyone else around us (or just seeing a post online, taking some time and thinking about it) to 60% more happiness.

Shasmimo smile 2 girlfriends at a bar with smile shirts

Did you think that? 60% more happy by reading that SOMEBODY like you is happy... or seeing them smile, same same.

we love that! We love how our brain works and cant wait for your stories to read and share :)

have a nice day and dooont forget to smile ;)

MAKE OTHERS (and yourself) SMILE

#SHASMIMO #smilemore


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