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SHASMIMO partnered up with FreshFuel and MSVK to make a change.

Each year from now (2020) we will organize charity tours, where we donate for good things and charity.

Example DFS XMAS 2020: we collected christmas trees, donations and made a tour through Hamburg City to catch awareness and remind people to do something good.


The final station after a ride through the city was the Benita Quadflieg Stiftung to give the donated trees, play with the kids and finally reach out a check with the money collected from sponsors, people who donated (thank you again!) and a part from sold merch.


Planing for 2021 (maybe a easter tour) alreday started and we just got 4 carclubs from Munich, Cologne, Itzehoe and Bremen to join us. As we still have to be carefull with contacts, each city will organize a own tour and share it via social media, news and via direct messages with friends and family.


Our Social Media reach in this year was unbelievable! A lot of people saw our posts, reshared, tagged and we had so much nice comments, people who thought off their on way to do something good.. and.. yeah! that was exactly what we hoped will happen if people see someone doing something and try to change ❤️



more about
Benita Quadflieg Stiftung

Help for children with developmental delays Disabilities and early childhood trauma

The Benita Quadflieg Foundation wants to promote childhood and protect childhood. It helps children who are exposed to early childhood trauma due to abuse, violence or neglect, as well as children whose development is at risk due to illness, disability or premature birth.

Mignon’s specialist areas include interdisciplinary early interventions, in which children are cared for with curative educational and medical-therapeutic care from birth to school enrollment, curative educational and integrative kindergarten and crèche groups for healthy, disabled and severely disabled children, and the Mignon children's home with currently four family-like living groups for children who could no longer stay in their original families due to a risk to their well-being.

The association supports around 350 Hamburg children and their families.

In addition, the Benita Quadflieg Foundation regularly finances itself with donations, among other things: curative educational therapies for children with disabilities in kindergarten, therapy and play materials for kindergarten and early intervention, initial installation of new Haus Mignon early intervention centers, maintenance of the traditional ship Fortuna, on the inclusive and socio-educational sailing trips and the occasional assumption of travel expenses, support, advice and training for parents, therapists and educators of children with butterfly disease.